If You Want To Be a Captain, Explorers Guide Can Make It Happen.

OUPV Captains License, 25-50-100 Masters, Able Seaman, OUPV to 200 Ton Mate,  we have the course, classroom or online, to meet your needs.

With a Captain's License from Explorer's Guide Maritime Center, you can transform your passion for the water into an exciting on-the-water career. Explorer's Guide Maritime Academy offers USCG captains license courses for all mariners, whether you're new to the marine trade or a seasoned boater. We understand the adult learner and will work with you so that you successfully understand and complete the course material to get your captains license.

Classroom classes held in Appleton, WI; Green Bay, WI: Milwaukee, WI; Grass Vally, CA; Minneapolis, MN area; or at your location. Our online captain's license courses are also available for students worldwide.

Our friendly maritime academy staff will assist you with captains license course registration and answer any questions you may have on the different types of licenses, sea service time, license requirements, and course funding.

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OUPV Inland and Great Lakes 6-pack Captains license

Our OUPV (operator of Unispected Passenger Vessels) for Inland and Great Lakes captains license course is ideal for mariners on inland waters and Great Lakes.

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OUPV Near Coastal 6-pack license

Our OUPV (operator of Unispected Passenger Vessels) for Near Coastal captains license covers any license needs including Inland, Great Lake or Near Coastal waters.

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OUPV Upgrade to Master 100 Ton

Upgrade your OUPV (operator of Unispected Passenger Vessels) license to a Masters 100 ton with this license course! This is a 24 hr class covering the topics for operating inspected vessels.

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OUPV to Mate 200 Ton

Upgrade your OUPV (operator of Unispected Passenger Vessels) license to a Mate 200 ton with this license course! This is a 12 hr class covering the topics to pass your one exam to get a Mates endorsement and possible your 200 ton masters.

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Able Seaman

Get your Able Seaman rating class in the Midwest. Not need to travel to the coast.

There is an increase in the needs for able seaman both on the ocean and inland waters. USCG regulations have increased the need for more Able Seaman.


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Master's 100 Ton license - Package Price ($845 until January 01,2016)

This program includes the OUPV (operator of Unispected Passenger Vessels) and Master Upgrade in one package with free Assistant Towing course.

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Navigation Rules of the Road

Need to upgrade your captains license to Near Coastal? This program is for you. It's approved for captains needing a rule exam to upgrade their license or required training needs.

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Train the Trainer

NMC approved course for mariners needed Train the Trainer certificate to be NMC approved instructor.


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FCC Marine Radio Operator

Need your FCC Marine Radio Operator License? Whether you need the class or just to take the exam, we can help. Fees include exam and filing application

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Auxiliary Sail Endorsement

The Auxiliary Sail endorsement is only required for Captains holding a Master of Vessels license operating an inspected sailing vessel.


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Assistance Towing Endorsement

The Assistant Towing endorsement is needed is you are providing any fee-based towing service. It is added to your existing captains license as an endorsement.


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I took the OUPV Great Lakes/Inland course. The course was very well organized. The instructors were knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks again to Explorers Guide, Captain Keith, and Captain Gary for helping me become a Captain.
Former Student Captain Kegan


Application HelpVeterans FundingApplication Review Service

Need help completing and submitting your application for your captains license?

Here are all the forms and an explanation of the application process.

If you still have questions or need more assistance help is available Call us at (920) 733-5500 to set up an application review.

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Explorers Gude Maritime Academy has received approval by the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs to Veterans benefits.

This covers our classroom programs.

Online capatains license classes are covered through NWTC.

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The USCG captains licensing process can be confusing and challenging.

Let our captains license application review service help.

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Our friendly staff will work with you in completing your captains license course registration and answer questions you may have on the captains license, course funding, and more.

"Fair Winds and Following Seas"
Captain Gary - Explorer's Guide Maritime Academy

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