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100 Ton Masters License -

Change in Scope to Near Coastal

Upgrade Your Inland Great Lakes Master to Near Coastal waters!



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You worked hard to get your Masters Inland Great Lakes credentials. Now you get a chance to work of of Florida or another near coastal waters.However, you need to upgrade your license. What are your options?

One is to redue the 24-hour Masters course. A better option is Explorers Guide Maritime Academy's 8-hour Change in Scope course.

If you have 720 days of sea service of which 360 are on the Great Lakes or near coastal waters, you can now upgrade your 100 Ton Masters llicense to near coastal waters. Explorer's Guide Maritime Academy now offers a National Maritime Center approved 8-hour class both in the classroom and online. Online course is available 24/7; Classroom normally is a one day class with exams. 

Topics: Ocean Currents, Weather Charts, International Treates, International Rules of the Road, MARPOL

Fee: $195.00 includes course materials, instruction, one sitting of the final proctored exams, and Certificate of Completion 

Required sea service - 720 days of which 360 days are Great lakes or near coastal and 90 days in the last 3 years.

Exams: Deck General 50-quesrtions 70% correct; Navigation General 50-questions 70% correct. If you have a colregs restriction on you credentials, you will need to take the 50-questions 90% Navigation Rules od the Road exams

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