Explorer's Guide Maritime Academy, a mariner school, offers many services for our OUPV 6-pack and 25/50/100-ton Masters Captain License students, as well as for Mariners and businesses. 

Getting your OUPV 6-pack or 25/50/100-ton Masters captains license can be an overwhelming process. We offer a number of helpful services for mariners applying for their USCG-approved Captains license. From courses to completing the application process, Explorer's Guide is here to make getting your captains license as easy as possible. You took the initiative to gain the knowledge through our mariner school, we will assist you getting your captains license in any way we can.


Application Help
Need help finding the forms to submit your captains license application for your OUPV 6-pack license or your 25/50/100 ton Masters captains license? Look no further. All in one place, Explorer's Guide makes the process easy.


Health & Safety Classes
Classes offered by our ECSI certified instructor to meet the requirements of USCG captains licensing.  Click here for CPR/First Aid/AED

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