OUPV Near Coastal

OUPV 6-pack | Captains License

OUPV Captains License - Near Coastal

USCG-Approved OUPV Course for Near Coastal Captains


The USCG-Approved OUPV 6 Pack Captains License for Near Coastal lets you take 6 passengers for-hire, plus crew, on your vessel. The course was designed for Captains working and boating on ANY federal waters with passengers for hire on a power-driven boat. This includes duck hunters, tours, fishing and similar activities.


Classes are available in both online and classroom settings.


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Course Details:

  • - 56 classroom hours. (I suggest study time between the two weekends.)
  • - OUPV Near Coastal - 6 Pack Captains License courses available in a classroom or online. 
  • - Classroom: Thursday night, and all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for two weekends.
  • - Online Captains License courses: 24/7 for 26 weeks + proctored exam.
  • - National Maritime Center approved for original issuance, renewal, and re-issuance of a merchant mariner credential as an Operator of Uninspected Vessels (OUPV) upon Near Coastal waters.


Fee: $695, includes all course materials (manual, plotting tools, charts, rules book) and one sitting of your proctored exam.


Lesson are divided into four modules, just like the exams.

 Navigation Rules of the Road

 Plotting - Charts, Fixes and Running Fixes, Dead Reckoning, Distance off, Electronic Navigation, and Magnetic Compass

Navigation General - Weather, Tides, Aids to Navigation, and Publications

 Deck General, Safety and Environmental - Marlinspike Seamanship, Vessel Maneuvering and Handling, Small Engines, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Emergency Procedures, Maritime Law, Shipboard Management and Training, Ship’s Business, Communications, and Lifesaving Appliances


Most OUPV Near Coastal - 6 Pack Captains license classes through Explorers Guide Maritime Academy are held in:
● Appleton, WI
● Green Bay, WI
● Milwaukee, WI
● Minneapolis, MN area
● Grass Valley, CA

 However, we will travel to other locations if we have 10 or more students. Please contact for more information



 Available funding includes: Explorer’s Guide LLC provides students with a variety of funding options. Please review our Student Funding options for both civilian and military students. For more information on any of our funding options, please contact us today.


 License Requirements: The minimum requirements for the OUPV Near Coastal - 6 Pack Captains License are:

Be at least 18 years old. You can take the course at age 17 and apply for the license on your 18th birthday.
● Be a U.S. Citizen
● Speak English
● Be TWIC eligible - Please check the TWIC site if you have any convictions

Have required sea service (day is a minimum of four hours underway)
- At least a total 360 days
- 90 days in the last 3 years. This is called recency.
- For Near Coastal endorsement, you need at least 90 days of the 360 day seaward of the boundary line.

So how many exams are there to earn your OUPV Near Coastal - 6 Pack Captains License? There are four exams. If you fail one exam, you can retake that exam over twice more. If you fail it a third time, you repeat the class. This is the National Maritime Center's directive.


  • Rules of the Road 50 questions: Need 45 correct.
  • Plotting: 10 questions. Need 7 correct.
  • Navigation General: 20 questions. Need 14 correct.
  • Deck General, Safety, and Environmental: 60 questions. Need 42 correct.


If you follow along in class and do a little added studying at home, you have a high percentage of passing these exams the first time.


 Please visit our license help page for detailed requirements for obtaining the OUPV captains license.

PLEASE NOTE: If you take this class and do not have the required sea service time for the
Near Coastal route, your license will be approved for either a Inland or Great Lakes
route. If in the future you want to upgrade to Near Coastal route, you will be required
to retake the 50-question Rules Exam.


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